McCready Recording Studio

McCready Recording Studio, Stage and Sound

Our Studio

McCready Recording Studio offers a truly big city style recording experience right here in the 4-states. All of the equipment is the latest in recording technology.

In addition to recording your music we can "Master" the final product - whether you recorded here or not. Mastering polishes the recording for clarity and professional sound - radio ready!

All of this in a truly relaxed atmosphere at a very affordable price!

Our Engineer

Ron Savage brings years of technical expertise to the studio. His goal is to bring your music to life and your experience fun and relaxed at the studio.

Digidesign Pro Tools
Mac Pro
Behringer B2030A
Makie HR824 Studio Monitors w/sub

Avalon VT 737sp Tube Preamp and compressor
Avalon U5 Direct Box

AKG C3000B
AKG C1000S
Shure SM91LC
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM53Beta & stero pair shure SM81
Audio Technica 3035
Audix Drum Mics
Groove Tube Mic
6 Furman Remote Mixing Stations

Kurzwell PC88 keyboard
Fender G&L Bass Guitars
Roland and HPD-15 Hand Sonic
Fender and Gibson Guitars
Fender Amps
Slingerland & Yamaha Drums

McCready studio takes pride in offering a top-notch experience custom-tailored to each individual.

 Whether you are a professional musician or just beginning your musical journey, McCready offers an inviting, relaxed atmosphere that will help enhance your creative process.

"It's so awesome to have this slice of Nashville right here in Southwest Missouri"   Cindy Tucker, The Daisy Bandits